Sebastian Junger

9th 75th50th Infantry Crest

Gentlemen, Friends and Members of Our Extended Family;

I was given 2 books by Tom Deutschlander written by Sebastian Junger. Mr Junger had written “Perfect Storm” as well as other works but these two books, “War” and “Tribe” absolutely resonated with me. “War” follows a platoon of the 173rd Airborne Brigade through 15 months in an outpost in Afghanistan. What amazed me was how the behaviors on the Sky Soldiers depicted in the book were exactly what I remember of the 173rd at Bien Hoa in 1967. It was a hard read for me but the portraits painted by Mr Junger are accurate and enduring.

“Tribe” explores the evolutionary, cultural and sociological foundations for our bonding. We are a tribe. We all felt semblance of loss and detachment when we left ‘Nam. This book delves into the very real and rational human need for a sense of belonging and how that need seems to be satisfied most completely in a platoon type setting.

Both books are good reads.

Mr, Junger, also, wrote and directed Restrepo with Tim Hetherington. It is about a platoon of U.S. soldiers, from the fabled 173rd Airborne Brigade, in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley. It is powerful. Mr Hetherington was later killed by a mortar while reporting in Libya. Mr Junger, also, produced the documentaries, Korengal and The Last Patrol. This body of work is definitive in exploring war, the bonding of warriors and healing.

Sebastian Junger