50th Infantry Association Memorial

Gentlemen and members of our extended family:

50th Infantry Crest

50th Infantry Crest

On or about January 29th I received a letter from Mr. Jim Sheppard, historian, 50th Infantry Association. His letter below is self-explanatory.

However, what is important to us is that he has asked us to help contact the families and/or friends of our KIAs. Specifically, he is seeking the families and/or friends of our KIAs which occurred between December 20, 1967 and February 1, 1969.

The purpose of establishing contact with the families is Mr. Sheppard wants to invite them to the dedication ceremony and he also wants to recognize family members who attend the ceremony.

Please reach out to the families and/or friends of our KIAs who you know and:
(1) share Mr. Sheppard’s letter with them,
(2) invite them to contact Mr. Sheppard by telephone at 609-226-638 or by email at kiss-ac@juno.com.

Family members and/or friends planning to attend the ceremony must contact Jim with their cellular telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and a U.S. Postal mailing addresses.

Finally, if you do contact a family or friend of one of our KIAs, please also share their contact information with me so we can establish a means of communicating with them.

January 29, 2015
To All Concerned:

Thank you for your efforts to put us in touch with Joseph Castagna’s family. I am hoping you might further assist us by acting as liaison in contacting family member of the additional men from “E” LRP, 50th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division.

50th Infantry Memorial

50th Infantry Memorial

As I mentioned before, a special addition is being added to our existing memorial which will contain the names of 36 men. These will be mostly men who served under the “E” and “F” Company designations as either Long Range Patrol men or Rifle Security men at DaNang.

Of particular interest to you are the 16 men KIA while member of “E” LRP, 50th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division between 20 December, 1967 and 1 February, 1969. They were:

SP4 Richard Bellwood (*)
SGT Joseph Castagna (*)
SSG Herbert P.D. Cho
PFC James Dillard
SSG Johnston Dunlop(*)
PFC Thomas Hodge
PFC George House
MSG Joseph Jones
SP4 Kenneth Lancaster (Promoted to SFC when declared Dead in 1978)
CPL Robert Loehlein
SGT Roman Mason
SP4 Leon Moore
PFC Ronald Moore
SP4 William Piaskowski
1LT Richard Thompson
SP4 Herbert Vaughn

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