Our Friend is Gone

Gentleman, Family and Friends;

I recently learned that our friend, Kiet, suffered a massive stroke and has passed away.

Those of us who had the pleasure of serving with our PRU contingent need not be told about their effectiveness, genuine camaraderie or their warrior spirit. I firmly believe that I would not be here were it not for the keen eyes and quick triggers of Nhan, Kiet, Sa, Bao, Nghia and the others.

I have already received money and pledges from “the usual suspects” as a result of posting on our FB page. My goal wass to collect at least $500.00 by April 1. We exceeded that and to date we have collected $1750.00. I had sent $750.00 to my stepson, Ho Van Tuan, and he got the money to Nhan, who attended Kiet’s funeral. I had received more donations and sent them to Tuan who forwarded them to Hue, Kiet’s wife. I just received $100.00 which will go out the next time I send tuition monies for our other two kids, which will be in about two weeks. It is not too late to help. As usual, I will keep all donations private.

I have come to love and admire many Vietnamese people, especially my wife, Lan and Nhan and while I hate to label or classify any person(s), I have to say that were they able they would give more than they get.

You can send a check or money order to:

Sal DiSciascio
698 Prescott Rd
New Bern, NC 28560


Rest in Peace, Brother Kiet.

Thank you,


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