Gentlemen and members of our extended family,

As you can tell by the letter below, this latest message is intended not solely for you but also your wife, sister, daughter, significant other, partner, etc. Sharon’s letter is self-explanatory.

As your Unit Director, I enthusiastically support the two initiatives Sharon has proposed. First, is a call for e:mail addresses to create an electronic contact list for the E50/E75 ladies (aka “Warrior Women”). And, secondly, is a call for recipes for a proposed cook book. Leading the way, I have already submitted one of my favorite recipes – a recipe for baked apples!

Please share the information contained herein and help us accomplish both initiatives.

Rangers Lead The Way,

Duane L. Alire
Unit Director, E50/E75

Dear E Co. Ladies (AKA Warrior Women),

I know this is the age of technology but sometimes snail mail is still the way to go. To those of you who attended the Reunion in Louisville or Baltimore, I just wanted to say how good it was to see y’all and spend some time together. To those who could not attend, please know you were missed and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

I have a couple of ideas for you to consider: First of all I am proposing an e-mail list of the women in the unit. That way, if we have news to share, ideas, requests or need information we can contact each other directly, instead of, for some of us, getting it secondhand through our Rangers. If you would be interested in getting on the list please e-mail the address to seb930@aol.com or text me at 716-574-8254. Once the list is complied, I will ask Sal to add it to the Unit website.

Secondly, in one of my fits of insomnia, I came up with a simple idea for us to help raise funds for the Unit. I am proposing creating a cookbook. One filled with recipes that might be your favorites or your Rangers, is representative of your area of the country, one that is just delicious or one you would just like to share. There would also be a Holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) section. I know the holidays are a ways off right now, but, I am asking you to pull out your favorite recipes of cookies, fudge, breads, cakes, and pies, you wouldn’t mind sharing. Some of you have recipes for other desserts, beverages and punches. We would love for you to share one or two with the group. I will assemble the recipes and have them put into books that we can sell at the next and future reunions. Duane (Poncho) Alire has written a sample cover page for the book and has suggested a title “FROM LRRP RATIONS TO GOURMET DINING’. Hope you like it.

I have included an online form recipe form for you, if you are interested in participating or you can download a copy here. I am placing a deadline for submission for March 1, 2015. This will give me enough time to assemble the books and have them ready for the next reunion, Newburgh, NY, September 21-27, 2015

The only requests I have are: to type or print the form; to mail, or email the information to me. Please use common cooking abbreviations (example: tbsp. – Tablespoon). Don’t forget your name and state, your Rangers name, years in Vietnam and your relationship (wife, sister, daughter, significant other, partner, etc.). Also if your Ranger is a chef in his own rite and he has a recipe to share we would love to include it. Feel free to make copies of the form

I really hope you are all up to the challenge and submit some yummy recipes. Looking forward to hearing from all of you. Rangers Lead The Way.


Sharon Barley
PO Box 233
Springville, NY 14141-0233

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