“Bonding of Warriors” Is Available on LULU.COM

Gentlemen and members of our extended family:

I have the great pleasure of announcing that Bob Hernandez has published our book which is titled, Bonding Of Warriors. The book is compilation of stories and narratives which represent our collective memories of our tours of duty in Vietnam.

The bulk of the written material used in the book was originally assembled from a call for stories that was put out to everyone nearly 10 years ago. The stories were available on the Unit web site but in a confusing format. Additionally, Bob, again, put out a call for additional stories when he began the project.

Bob literally worked day and night to type the stories and narratives into a format that could be published as a comprehensive book. I understand that due to computer errors or errors on the computer, depending on who is telling the story, Bob had to retyped portions of the stories and narratives a couple of times.

However, the bottom line is that he completed the task and finished the book! It is available at lulu.com.

I have attached as a Word Document the advertisement from the lulu site which contains a photograph of the cover page and additional ordering information.

I enthusiastically thank Tess for the design of the book cover and Bob his self-sacrifice and diligent work in compiling our stories and narratives and ask everyone to personally thank them at the earliest opportunity.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane L. Alire

Buy it Here: Bonding of Warriors

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  1. adminsal says:

    Bob was exceptional then and he is exceptional now. Tess… well, Tess is Tess and if we gotta ‘splain, yuz wouldn’t unnerstan anyway!!! Bless you all and thanks for letting me play along…

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